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Julie RosenbergMy name is Julie Rosenberg, and I understand the demands of corporate leadership—and the specific challenges that face leaders in the workplace—all too well. I run two multimillion-dollar drug development programs at a large biopharmaceutical company.

What’s it like as a woman and a mother to run complex, international programs for a drug company tasked with fighting, among other conditions, cancer, the “emperor of maladies”? Short version is, not easy. Not by a long shot.

Over a decade ago, for all the reasons above and more, it started to get to me. Facing personal and professional burn-out, unable to cope with the mistakes and failures that face any of us from day to day, I began practicing yoga.

At first, I sought the obvious benefits touted in health magazines and on talk shows: reduced stress, increased flexibility and strength, serenity. But as my understanding of yoga and its ancient underlying philosophy deepened, I realized that I’d stumbled onto a revolutionary platform for personal reinvention, professional resilience, and effective leadership.

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