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Julie Rosenberg, M.D. is a pharmaceutical executive and global healthcare leader. Dr. Rosenberg is also an executive coach who helps successful leaders get even better by developing themselves, their people and by embracing more conscious living. Julie has devoted the last 16 years to the in-depth study and practice of yoga and meditation. Her work demonstrates that the millennia-old physical, mental, and spiritual discipline of yoga not only supports good health and wellbeing, but also helps to strengthen one’s personal and professional leadership skills. In 2017, Julie was selected from among 16,000 applicants by Number 1 Executive Coach and Leadership Thinker, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, as one of the MG 100, a group of over 100 leading coaches, thinkers and senior business leaders, each of whom is committed to paying it forward. Her first book, Beyond the Mat (Da Capo Press) has been called “transformative”, “insightful”, “practical”, “accessible”, “creative”, and more.



As a busy executive with a demanding travel schedule and myriad of responsibilities, the millennia-old physical, mental, and spiritual discipline of yoga has helped me handle stress, curb anxiety, build resilience, and increase stamina. My practice has not only helped me by enhancing my health and well-being, it has also strengthened my leadership capacity and capability to support peak performance. Yoga has been so effective in improving my own life—both at work and at home—that I decided to become a certified instructor, so I could readily share my passion with others. My mission is to teach people to embrace the principles and practice of yoga beyond the mat in order to support their journey toward health, wellness and enlightened leadership.




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Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker
Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker

Beyond the Mat Synopsis

Practicing yoga is an extremely popular way to get fit, but its underlying philosophy can offer so much more to focus the mind, build resilience, and help you to discover untapped personal power. In Beyond the Mat, business leader, physician, and certified yoga instructor Julie Rosenberg, M.D. shows you how to bring yoga out of the studio and into your personal and professional life. She shares how yoga is more than just poses (though those do help with backs tired from slumping in front of computers all day), with a clear explanation of the underlying principles, real-life examples, and anecdotes from her own life and professional career. Yoga’s philosophical principles extend far beyond the mat and form a framework to support your overall health and well-being, achieve success, and become a more effective leader.

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Short Biography

Julie Rosenberg, MD is the author of Beyond the Mat: Achieve Focus, Presence, and Enlightened Leadership through the Principles and Practice of Yoga. For more information, see www.julierosenbergmd.com.

Medium Biography

Julie Rosenberg, MD is a physician executive as well as a certified yoga instructor. She is the author of Beyond the Mat: Achieve Focus, Presence, and Enlightened Leadership through the Principles and Practice of Yoga. For more information, see www.julierosenbergmd.com.

Long Biography

Julie Rosenberg, MD is a physician executive who has worked in a variety of leadership roles in academic medicine and in the pharmaceutical industry. She has actively practiced yoga for more than fifteen years, and has completed both 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings. In 2017, she was selected by Number 1 executive coach and leadership thinker Marshall Goldsmith from among 16,000 applicants as one of the MG 100 coaches. Dr. Rosenberg teaches yoga primarily “beyond the mat,” helping individuals and groups to apply the principles and practice of yoga to their daily lives and to support their overall health and well-being, to achieve success, and to become more effective leaders. She lives in Connecticut and Florida. For more information, see www.julierosenbergmd.com.

Comprehensive Autobiography

I wanted to be a physician as far back as I can remember. As a child, I was deeply curious about the workings of the body, and later wondered about the impact of serious or chronic illness on our lives. I knew that I wanted a career in which I could be of service. I was fortunate to be very focused throughout my education, and graduated from medical school at 24. I immediately began a residency in pediatrics followed by a fellowship in hematology/oncology. I found nothing more rewarding than working with children with cancer and their families, facilitating not only cure of disease, but also quality of survival.

After my fellowship, I joined the faculty of a major university as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, where I was one of the youngest faculty members. The work was challenging but very fulfilling; I felt privileged during my six-year tenure to have the capability and capacity to serve children with life-threatening and life-limiting diseases, as well as to engage in research and medical student education.

As time went on, I realized that I wanted more opportunity for public and global interface, as well as leadership in medicine. I returned to the university to develop broader skills in marketing and management, and then gradually transitioned my career to drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. This led me to where I am today. I have held positions of increasing responsibility at four major companies. I now oversee a key global drug development program for a large pharmaceutical company, with extended teams of over fifty individuals and broad international reach, including to underserved nations.

What I have found in the past 11 years of corporate service is that there is nothing more critical to my success than effective leadership. The need for outstanding skills among corporate leaders far supersedes content expertise. While I always believed in my skills and talent, I somehow thought that I would be an effective leader because I had these aspects of professional life mastered. I was totally wrong. I learned through failure, hard work, and introspection that effective leadership is not intuitive. It requires significant study and practice. I currently spend about 20% of my work day focused on leadership: discussion, active listening, coaching, mentoring, team-building, introspection, self-reflection and more.

I have been involved in yoga training for over fifteen years, am certified as an instructor, and have taught yoga since 2012, primarily “beyond the mat,” speaking to groups about applying the practice and philosophy of yoga to their daily lives to enhance health and wellness and, more recently, to improve leadership skills. I have completed my 300-hour advanced teacher certification under the supervision of Natasha Rizopoulos at Down Under Yoga in Boston, voted best yoga studio in Boston in 2017 by Boston Magazine. I have found a remarkable intersection between the foundational principles and practice of yoga and effective leadership, and I am passionate about showing others the same connection.

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