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As a physician executive and leader of high-performing, global teams, I know full well the challenges of corporate life. Over many years, I’ve experienced first-hand the stressors of an “always-on”, “high-demand” workplace. At one point, I came face-to-face with physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Worse, I felt like no one understood. I was at high risk for burnout – the stressors simply became too much for me to handle.

My search for answers as to how to perform better both personally and professionally led me to yoga. I’ve since created a framework using the principles and practice of yoga that can benefit every corporate leader and busy professional to enhance their leadership skills, position them for greater personal fulfillment and business success, while helping them to maintain good health and wellness – whether or not they’ve ever stepped on to a yoga mat!

I love empowering individuals and groups to overcome the challenges and uncertainties of today’s busy world. The wellness practices I teach can be used by anyone during the course of an average day – from breathing techniques before a big presentation to simple at-your-desk meditation exercises and yoga postures to relieve stress and increase productivity – are easily accessible to all.

I am available for large keynote speaking engagements as well as intimate leadership team events and am happy to discuss a custom program that will meet your organization’s specific needs and objectives. Please click here to access my calendar and schedule a time for us to discuss.

Popular Topics

Speech Topic #1

Let’s Eliminate Burnout as a Corporate Value (60 minutes)

Workplace burnout is more than just fatigue. Burnout is characterized by a chronic state of emotional and physical exhaustion, and, sadly, it has become a staple of the modern workplace. It’s bad for people and bad for businesses, but the question is: How do we fix it?

In this talk, I show attendees how to incorporate the physical, mental, and spiritual practice and philosophy of yoga into their busy professional lives to achieve greater success, resilience, and satisfaction than they ever thought possible. I also show leaders at every level of corporate America how to stop the exodus of talent from the organization by changing the framework of the business so that it serves to empower each individual instead of limiting them.

Tips include:

  • Powerful stress-reduction and personal-management techniques employees can do in the office to better manage day-to-day challenges
  • Methods to improve presentation skills so that individuals can speak greater ease, confidence, clarity, and poise leading to greater influence and enhanced collaboration skills
  • Strategies for effective negotiation in the workplace so that leaders can develop more creative and collaborative solutions that support business success
  • Techniques for staying engaged and excited at work over the long-term by fostering open and honest communication and trust in the workplace
Speech Topic #2

Spinning Out of Control: Managing in Times of Busyness and Uncertainty (60 minutes)

For most of us, gone are the days in which we get to leave work behind when we leave work. Our personal and professional lives start to bleed together, as we begin checking email starting the very moment we wake up and continue into the late hours of the night and the standard Monday-through-Friday work week is no longer entirely separate from the weekend.

But in a world that never stops, it’s essential to be able to find stillness amid the motion. In this talk, I explain the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and their application to the modern world. Topics addressed include:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of social media — How to stay connected while still giving yourself much-needed space
  • Setting boundaries so that individuals can better manage themselves in our 24/7 “always on” culture
  • How to prioritize and practice self-care — You must take care of yourself first before you take care of others
  • Strategies to keep calm, focused, and productive in times of change and uncertainty

The end goal of this talk is to provide audience members with real tools they can use to live more purposeful, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

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Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker
Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker
Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker
Julie Rosenberg Keynote Speaker

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I wanted to be a physician as far back as I can remember. As a child, I was deeply curious about the workings of the body, and later wondered about the impact of serious or chronic illness on our lives. I knew that I wanted a career in which I could be of service. I was fortunate to be very focused throughout my education, and graduated from medical school at 24. I immediately began a residency in pediatrics followed by a fellowship in hematology/oncology. I found nothing more rewarding than working with children with cancer and their families, facilitating not only cure of disease, but also quality of survival.

After my fellowship, I joined the faculty of a major university as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, where I was one of the youngest faculty members. The work was challenging but very fulfilling; I felt privileged during my six-year tenure to have the capability and capacity to serve children with life-threatening and life-limiting diseases, as well as to engage in research and medical student education.

As time went on, I realized that I wanted more opportunity for public and global interface, as well as leadership in medicine. I returned to the university to develop broader skills in marketing and management, and then gradually transitioned my career to drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. This led me to where I am today. I have held positions of increasing responsibility at four major companies. I now oversee a key global drug development program for a large pharmaceutical company, with extended teams of over fifty individuals and broad international reach, including to underserved nations.

What I have found in the past 11 years of corporate service is that there is nothing more critical to my success than effective leadership. The need for outstanding skills among corporate leaders far supersedes content expertise. While I always believed in my skills and talent, I somehow thought that I would be an effective leader because I had these aspects of professional life mastered. I was totally wrong. I learned through failure, hard work, and introspection that effective leadership is not intuitive. It requires significant study and practice. I currently spend about 20% of my work day focused on leadership: discussion, active listening, coaching, mentoring, team-building, introspection, self-reflection and more.

I have been involved in yoga training for over fifteen years, am certified as an instructor, and have taught yoga since 2012, primarily “beyond the mat,” speaking to groups about applying the practice and philosophy of yoga to their daily lives to enhance health and wellness and, more recently, to improve leadership skills. I have completed my 300-hour advanced teacher certification under the supervision of Natasha Rizopoulos at Down Under Yoga in Boston, voted best yoga studio in Boston in 2017 by Boston Magazine. I have found a remarkable intersection between the foundational principles and practice of yoga and effective leadership, and I am passionate about showing others the same connection.