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Practicing yoga is an extremely popular way to get fit, but its underlying principles and philosophy offers so much more to focus the mind, build resilience, and help you to discover and unleash untapped personal power. In Beyond the Mat, business leader, physician, and certified yoga instructor Julie Rosenberg, M.D. shows you how to bring yoga out of the studio and into your personal and professional life. She shares how yoga is more than just poses (though those do help with sore backs tired from slumping in front of computers all day), with a clear explanation of the underlying principles, real-life examples, and anecdotes from her own life and professional career. Yoga’s philosophical principles extend far beyond the mat and form a practical framework to support your overall health and well-being, achieve sustainable success, and become a more effective leader.

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Praise for Beyond the Mat

“Let Julie Rosenberg take you Beyond the Mat where you can breathe, focus, and balance your way to a healthier and happier you and be a better leader while you’re at it!”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Julie Rosenberg speaks with an authentic and passionate voice about the holistic benefits of a yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice. Taking the practice ‘beyond the mat’ using a practical and readily available framework will help you to live and to lead with stability, presence, clarity, and focus. Beyond the Mat is a must for anyone seeking peace and joy in life.”

Mark Hyman, MD, ten-time New York Times bestselling author; Chairman, Institute for Functional Medicine; Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

“Dr. Rosenberg has the courage to make the connections between mind, body, productivity and authenticity. In a cynical world full of self doubt and fear of the future, Rosenberg presents a way through the commotion and noise that is practical, applicable, and designed to allow us to live more congruent, purposeful lives. It’s one thing to talk in platitudes. It’s another thing to embrace an approach which increases the probability that we will live the kind of lives that we dream about.”

Professor Thomas DeLong, Senior Fellow and former Professor of Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School and former Head of Human Capital at Morgan Stanley

“Dr. Julie Rosenberg’s Beyond the Mat urges readers to use yoga to improve their lives, in and beyond the workplace, and demonstrates the potential power of yoga to transform lives, systems and organizations. The book is an important contribution to a body of literature that celebrates, and cultivates, compassion, kindness and empathy.”

Dr. Barbara Vacarr, CEO of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

“With a lovely candor and pragmatism, Julie Rosenberg explores how applying yoga practices can transform both the personal and the corporate landscape. Read Beyond the Mat for insight into essential yogic principles, as well as simple and inspiring lessons on how to integrate them into daily life. A vital contribution for anyone trying to bring their best self into the workplace.”

Natasha Rizopoulos, Master Teacher and Teacher Trainer; Creator of Align Your Flow

“Dr. Rosenberg’s book examines the internal process of improving mindfulness through the principles and practices of yoga. As someone who has gained great insight through my own practice of mindfulness, the concepts and ideas outlined in this book are highly relevant to anyone working to achieve greater focus, presence, and enlightened leadership.”

Mark Bertolini, Chairman and CEO, Aetna

Beyond the Mat is more than a book about yoga. It is a guide to being a better leader and a better person. It is a book everyone should read!”

Chester Elton, New York Times bestselling author of The Carrot Principle, All In, and The Best Team Wins

“Julie Rosenberg uses the wisdom of yoga to help both individuals and teams achieve their goals through effective leadership. Beyond the Mat is a must-read not only for aspiring leaders, but for those who coach, mentor, supervise and train them.”

Garry O. Ridge, President and Chief Executive Officer, WD-40 Company

Practical, accessible, creative, and real, Beyond the Mat is a true resource for teachers and students alike. I love it.

Elena Brower, Author of Practice You and Art of Attention, and yoga instructor, YogaGlo

“In Beyond the Mat, Julie Rosenberg, MD, eloquently describes a path to enlightened leadership. The path is defined by learnings from the timeless wisdom of yoga. Enlightened leaders aren’t defined as those in the C-suite but are individuals who work to become self-aware, courageous, and visionary, regardless of their formal title. Beyond the Mat is a must-read for anyone who seeks success, satisfaction, stability, and serenity.”

Tasha Eurich, PhD, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, and New York Times bestselling author of Insight

Beyond the Mat serves as a compass for leaders to work and breathe with purpose beyond traditional markers of success. Weaving between easy step-by-step handbook and stories of real-life experiences, Julie Rosenberg offers both path and parable for anyone who hopes to lead by service and clarity of vision and intention. This wonderful book provides a chance to detach from the distractions of ‘business book’ a leadership and anchor to the precepts of human leadership. Beyond the Mat is my new desktop companion and I am certain it will serve my company, my employees, and me quite well.”

Stanton Kawer, Chairman and CEO, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

“Dr. Rosenberg combines the rare talents of advanced medical training and practice, leadership in a high pressure industry, and hundreds hours of training in yoga and meditation to share with us the ‘special sauce’ and power of success: a practice of yoga combining mind, body and spirit. Her tools, even as simple as twisting in your chair purposefully at work, will enhance your life and will be used to coach my patients in my clinic.”

Joel K. Kahn, MD, FACC, Clinical Professor of Cardiology; Author, The Whole Heart Solution

“Dr. Julie Rosenberg shows how one can find greater focus, confidence and good health in an age of dizzying change and contradictory pressures in our lives and at work. Thank you, Julie, for your encouragement and global thought leadership!”

Mark C. Thompson and Bonita S. Thompson, Senior Executive Coaches and New York Times bestselling authors of Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value

“Offering easily accessible and concise practices for body and mind, Julie Rosenberg captures the depth and wisdom of ancient yoga in the every-day tools she presents in Beyond the Mat. I am always on the hunt for a book that inspires both me and my students – Dr. Rosenberg gives everyone the tools necessary to walk through personal and professional life with embodiment, peace and precision.”

Jennifer Reis, Certified Yoga Therapist and Faculty, Kripalu School of Yoga and Creator of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

“Many of us are struggling with busyness, stress and exhaustion in the face of our over-burdening lives and over-demanding roles. What Julie Rosenberg does beautifully in this book is to apply the ancient wisdom of yoga to the modern challenges of 21st century life and work. This book is both practical and profound. It’s like a new set of glasses: it helps you to see familiar problems a bit differently, a bit more clearly. It also provides a host of simple techniques and tools to respond more effectively. For anyone who has found mindfulness useful, this book is a must; it will help you extend your mindfulness through your body, life, and leadership.”

Tony Crabbe, author of Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much

Beyond the Mat unrolls the red carpet of yoga in front of the reader—it demystifies yoga and makes the practices of mindfulness, pranayama, and asanas accessible to every reader. Dr. Julie Rosenberg shares her personal experience as to how practicing these techniques can help with stress management, job performance, and personal satisfaction. Everyone wants to feel good, and to feel good about themselves. Beyond the Mat offers a sound practice of how to achieve both.”

Mark Liponis, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Canyon Ranch, and author of Ultralongevity and The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution

“Full of user-friendly tools that make yoga accessible for even the busiest and most skeptical, Julie Rosenberg’s Beyond the Mat is an intelligent and easy-to-read practical guide to life for everyone. Julie’s own personal journey and experience offer a captivating backdrop and give her words of wisdom great credence. Inspiring!”

Jurian Hughes, E-RYT 500, MFA, Kripalu School of Yoga, Senior Faculty

“It is time for a book like this one! Julie Rosenberg is an authentic voice for the integration of yoga philosophy and leadership skills. Her personal experience in yoga and corporate America, upfront honesty, and practicality combine to create a book that is as useful as it is inspirational.”

Kate O’Donnell, author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook and Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind

Beyond the Mat achieves something more important than hope and more practical than inspiration: with every page it demonstrates the concrete, life-changing efficacy of yoga and meditation. This timely book shows us how to become the dynamic and positively impactful leaders we want to be, and the world needs us to be, one breath and one moment at a time.”

Sean Meshorer, author of The Bliss Experiment

“Dr. Rosenberg has done an excellent job combining the hard science of the medical profession with the soft science of mindfulness in a beautiful way. The messages offer insights that, when practiced, will lead to a healthier life—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Marsha Clark, CEO, Marsha Clark & Associates

“Bravo! Dr. Julie Rosenberg beautifully articulates the vast, complex benefits of the yoga practice in a way that is consumable and deeply relevant to the modern, fast-paced lifestyle that challenges so many of us on a daily basis.”

Ben Chused, Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer

“Powerful and important. When businesses bring yoga into the workplace, they usually do so to improve team wellness. Dr. Rosenberg’s convincing and important book shows that they should also do so to improve team leadership. A necessary read for the corporate and business world.”

Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires and co-author of The Last Safe Investment

“An insightful reminder that yoga has so much more to offer than just poses. Beyond the Mat offers a powerful journey of holistic leadership principles by walking the reader through the eight limbs of Ashtanga and how they relate to enlightened leadership and personal transformation. An excellent read for all.”

Charly Kleissner, Ph.D., Co-Founder Toniic, 100% Impact Network, KL Felicitas Foundation

“In her book Beyond the Mat, Dr. Julie Rosenberg describes Samadhi as ‘the highest stage in meditation, in which a person experiences oneness with the universe.’ In my own research on transcendent leadership, I have been made aware of the importance of that state to global health and well-being. The author, a cancer warrior and inspired leader, distills essential lessons from the yoga sutras with which to bring tomorrow’s transcendent leader into a state of greater focus, clarity, and self-awareness. I would strongly recommend her practical leadership manual to all people who would aspire to be effective transcendent leaders on our rapidly evolving home planet.”

John Jacob Zucker Gardiner, Professor Emeritus of Leadership at Seattle University and Founder, World Institute for Leadership Development, LLC

“This is a must-read for all leaders who are looking to optimize their abilities to lead. Beyond the Mat provides a clear model for anyone who is looking to improve personal and professional productivity, improve their emotional intelligence, and live a life that models what leadership should be. Dr. Rosenberg’s development of a leadership model from the principles of yoga is ingenious, very applicable, and long overdue. The beauty of the model is its simplicity. Bravo.”

Terrence Jackson, Jackson Consulting Group

“Honest and relatable. Dr. Rosenberg weaves her experience with yoga in an insightful journey that has lessons for all of us. There are elegant insights that are worth remembering and implementing. You don’t have to be a devoted disciple of yoga, as anyone can use these lessons to enrich their own life.”

Francis Wagner, Partner, The Marshall Goldsmith Group, Co-founder, Stakeholder-Centered Coaching

“Don’t let the title fool you: Beyond the Mat is a lot more than just about yoga. Julie Rosenberg provides powerful practices for personal and professional development and success that are inspiring, thoughtful, and effective. This book is a great resource for managers, leaders, and those who lead talent initiatives globally in our world’s best organizations — anyone seeking to bring the human side back to work.”

Louis Carter, CEO and Founder, Best Practice Institute