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Corporate America is in crisis. Large U.S. companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the best talent available. Key roles at these companies have become revolving doors as passionate and dedicated employees grow frustrated and disillusioned with the challenges of the modern workplace—ceaseless demands, endless distractions, lack of purpose, work-life “balance”—and eventually depart in search of greener pastures.

Meanwhile, women and minorities represent a vast talent opportunity for companies that has yet to be fully tapped by the mostly male and white leaders of the Fortune 500. For all of the advice we’re given to “lean in” at work, clearly there’s more to becoming empowered and effective in a corporate hierarchy than adopting a new attitude, as helpful as that can be.

As a high-level corporate leader and an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, I speak to groups of all sizes on how to face these challenges using the practice and philosophy of yoga.

Speech Topic #1—Using Yoga Principles and Practice to Improve Confidence, Resilience, and Poise at Work (60 minutes)

I show attendees how to incorporate the physical, mental, and spiritual practice and philosophy of yoga into a busy professional life to achieve greater success and satisfaction than they ever thought possible. I also show leaders at every level of large U.S. companies how to stop the exodus of talent from corporate America, revealing a way in instead of a way out, by changing the framework of the organization so that it serves to empower each individual instead of limiting them. As I explain in my talk, the heart of leadership is evolving everyone on your team into a leader themselves. By the end of my talk, attendees will have learned:

  • Powerful stress-reduction and personal management techniques they can do at their desk
  • How to present internally and externally to audiences large and small with greater ease, confidence, clarity, and poise
  • Strategies for effective, non-aggressive negotiating
  • Techniques for staying engaged and excited at work over the long-term
  • Ideas to promote personal mastery

Speech Topic #2—Yoga and Leadership: Achieving Empowerment and Results at Work (60 minutes)

Yoga is an incredibly powerful tool for leaders. Taking the philosophy and practice of yoga “off the mat” and into your professional life can have a transformative effect on your performance at work. In this speech, I discuss with attendees the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and their application through understanding and practice to:

  • Empowering oneself and others to enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Developing the adaptability required to succeed in a global environment
  • Taking risks courageously
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Achieving results that lead to personal satisfaction and greater organizational value

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